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Muskoka Craft Brewery Tours

Explore Muskoka With Us!

Muskoka Craft Brewery Tours offers two private tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. Our trips guarantee a fun filled itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic brewery tour experience. Take a look at the tour’s we offer below, and get in touch with us if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with Muskoka Craft Brewery Tours today.

The Muskoka Craft Brewery Tours

Muskoka Beer Spa Deal

We have partnered with our friends at the Muskoka Beer Spa in lovely Torrance Ontario. Book with us to qualify for a major discount on accommodations or a Day Pass at the Spa.

Taste the Best of Muskoka

Muskoka Craft Brewery Tours is the most exciting tour company in all of the Muskoka Region. We bring people just like you to the best breweries Muskoka has to offer.

We promise you an educational and fun-filled, private and VIP experience as you travel through some of the most beautiful spots in Muskoka.

Kick back and relax with friends and drink some of the best Craft Beer, Ontario has to offer . Sit back, have a few laughs as your guide take you from one location to the next.



“Humankind was built on beer. From the worlds first writing to its first laws, in rituals social, religious, and political, civilization is soaked in beer”

-William Bostwick